The man they called ‘Trane

  ‘All a musician can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.’ – John Coltrane The Man they Called ‘Trane on @uDiscoverMusic.

Acoustic 3/4 Framus guitar

This is a recent acquisition: a really sweet Framus model 5/15 acoustic guitar. It’s a classic 3/4 guitar, slightly larger than a normal Parlor and it’s part of the “Wander”-guitars series that were manufactured by Framus since the founding of the company in 1946. I haven’t been able to exactly date the instrument, although these… Continua a leggere Acoustic 3/4 Framus guitar

Parlor acoustic by Ferrarotti

Parlor – or parlour – guitar usually refers to a type of acoustic guitar smaller than a concert guitar. Emerging in the late 1800s, these small instruments were popular among women, blues and folk musicians (cit. Wikipedia). Nowadays vintage guitars come in many form. And this is not your typical vintage electric by famous brands… Continua a leggere Parlor acoustic by Ferrarotti

Stop breakin’ down – A short film about Robert Johnson by Glenn Marzano

 Being the huge Robert Johnson‘s fan that I am, I was quite surprised to realize that this (very well produced, I must admit) 25 minutes movie about the most famous bluesman ever, has remained under my radar until few days ago. Apparently, director Glenn Marzano shot the movie as a thesis project when he was a… Continua a leggere Stop breakin’ down – A short film about Robert Johnson by Glenn Marzano