Welcome, my name is Christian Scazzieri, I’m a graphic designer based in Bologna, Italy.

I work in-house at Biolchim Spa where I am responsible for the daily running and creation of all in-house graphic design, job scheduling, issue of quotations and liaisons with printers and other outsourced services. I also manage company’s web-related stuff.

What I like

When not working I try hard to keep fit running, swimming, riding my old, trusty, vintage Cannondale and hiking.

Music in all its incarnations is my greatest passion: listening to it, playing it and experiencing it live attending concerts. I’ve been a guitar geek since I can remember, learning to really play is a never-ending process that I try to keep up with – with rather disappointing results – almost everyday. I like to think I probably was Ry Cooder in my previous life.

I play guitar for Stella Burns.

I relax staying home reading books, watching movies or surfing the web. Less healthy occupations include seeking great beers around my hometown’s pubs.

Astrophysics and Cosmology are among my other main interests. If you ask me, Black holes, Magnetars and Pulsars are the coolest thing after tortellini in brodo.

And, of course, I desperately love Wilco.