Acoustic 3/4 Framus guitar

This is a recent acquisition: a really sweet Framus model 5/15 acoustic guitar. It’s a classic 3/4 guitar, slightly larger than a normal Parlor and it’s part of the “Wander”-guitars series that were manufactured by Framus since the founding of the company in 1946.

I haven’t been able to exactly date the instrument, although these models were mostly build circa from 1950 to 1960.

“Wander”-guitars was the company denomination for the beginner series Framus models such as Spanish models, lady and youth models, etc. Solid fir tops and set mahogany necks are a testament of the early quality work and proven instrument manufacturing traditions.

Among the characteristics of this guitar are:

  • natural finish;
  • spruce top, back gold-brown varnished and laminated;
  • binding;
  • rosewood fretboard;
  • a sturdy built and chuncky neck to compensate the absence of the truss-rod;
  • slotted headstock.

Although an entry-model guitar, I’ve been struck by the quality of the building materials that are far better then the same-era italian made Eko and Crucianelli guitars available in the same market segment: this is a SERIOUS guitar, with great resonance and a robust and solid construction.

More info about vintage Framus guitars available online at the Framus Vintage Archive page.